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Politics As A Battlefield - Squantoo

Post by crashthompson on Sat Aug 03, 2013 9:19 am

Original Article by Squantoo - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

From time to time and enemy nation thinks it would be all LoLs to take over your country via the political module.

This has been attempted in several eNations and has been successful in a few. Typically the enemy, once they gain control, change all your taxes, you entrance message, and starts wars you don’t want, ends alliances you do want, and other BS.

The term when an enemy attempts to take over another nation via the political module is called a PTO or Political Take Over.

Those who oppose and make efforts made to stop this are called ATO or Anti/Against Take Over.

Again, I can’t emphasize, MU’s have to be involved in defending against PTO and involved in the ATO process.

Any power or political sway enemies may get in the political module, no matter how small, can cause issues.

In the efforts of the PTO in the eUS we have already seen -

Natural Enemy bonuses wasted.
Citizen Requests being granted to enemies of the eUS (who in turn vote for the PTO strengthening their movement)
Efforts to donate eUS Treasury money to foreign groups and people.
Efforts to take over other political parties to increase their power base.

And other little annoying things.

The stronger the get, the stronger they can become. By having a party they can work their way into the top 5 and be elgible for congress. By having congress people they can let more enemies in to support their PTO efforts. More enemies equals more votes and more congress members letting enemeis in. And it swirls and swirls as their numbers grow.

What can MU’s do to help

MU’s are usually a group of active and happy players trying to have fun. Even if they don’t all like the politics of eRep, they enjoy the military aspects and realize the effects of bad/poor/evil political leadership can lead to. So, by using their numbers, their communication abilities, and their desire for fun, they can move members to various Parties in order to
A. Remove the PTOers from their political party
B. Stop PTOers from obtaining a new political party
C. Prop up parties to keep non PTO parties in the top 5, limiting PTOers access to congressional seats.

Political Party Importance

Even if you don’t care about politics, you should belong to a party. Even if its just one with a funny name. Realize that not everyone is here for the military module that we have fun with. Join a party, one you like, and vote other people into an office so they can have fun also. Political parties can give you a voice if you want one, and if you don’t care, just realize you are allowing others to have fun also.

If you don’t have a party, consider joining the Federalist Party. You don’t have to be a Fed to be in SHIELD, but if you don’t have a party why not. They are fun, they are active, and they help grow and support our MU daily.

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