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Post by fingerguns Sat Sep 03, 2016 10:06 am

Good shit?
Welcome to the Federalist Party! It is our mission to train up the next generation of great leaders in this game, so if you’re looking to make a difference you have come to the right place. We have a number of programs you should jump in on to give you a head start in eRepublik. This game can be extremely rewarding when you run with the right crowd, so we’re really glad you’re here.

We’ve put together a very quick overview of some different areas of this game you should know about to help you get going. Don’t feel like you have to know everything straight out of the gate. eRepublik is the kind of game you play for a long time and work your way towards your goal. You will learn so much more just by being around.

Click on any one of these topics to learn a little more about it. And click the links on the right side of the forum to get assistance with everything from food to weapons to money! There are enough programs out there that we are basically paying you to play eRep.

Game Mechanics:

When people talk about “mechanics” what they mean are the actual functions built into eRepublik. What’s interesting about this game is so much of it exists outside of the game itself, but the mechanics are what is actually possible within the confines of eRepublik systems.
We currently have a Dictatorship- something most actual US citizens would find distasteful, but within eRepublik it is actually a very good system because of the mechanics. In a regular democracy, all it would take is a horde of accounts, legitimate or not, to overthrow our government. We could easily be taken by surprise by a foreign invader or a really bored domestic wanker. The mechanics of a Dictatorship make it much more difficult to just step in and take over, which is why we prefer it.

It is through the meta aspects of the game that we exercise our democracy.

START HERE Meta_Congress

Meta is the game of eRepublik that is outside of the game of eRepublik. This is arguably the best part of this game. I don’t know how anyone could just “2-click” (work/fight) and think they’re getting all there is out of eRep. The Meta game is played on the forums, on Discord, through emails and document sharing and even via online broadcasting.

This party forum is part of the ‘meta’ game. This is where our community lives, even though we operate in the game. It’s a short commute. Here on this forum we have political debates and primaries and organize events and activities. It’s our headquarters.

It’s really in the political arena that meta is most widely used and gains importance. Our entire national government runs off of the eUSAforum. Just like we do here, it’s where debates and discussions are held and it’s where top-tier decisions are made about the future of this country. The “Dictator” is the person who actually carries out the decisions through the game-mechanics, but we do have a Constitution and that Constitution is upheld in the meta. Congress is important, even though they don’t have any actual buttons in eRepublik. Their influence is purely meta.

Cabinet Appointments:

The ‘Cabinet’ is the group of people an elected leader will appoint to help them carry out their goals. On the party level, these roles include Political Director, Media Director, Recruiting and Retention Director, etc. On the national level they are typically called Secretaries, but they have similar roles.

How an elected leader chooses to utilize a Cabinet is entirely up to them.

If you are appointed to a Cabinet, the leader who appointed you is responsible for laying out what is expected of you. It is then your responsibility to perform the tasks and try and meet the goals they have given you. Congress is a great place to dip your toes into the national waters and start to see how it all works, but the Cabinet positions are where you get into more of the nitty gritty of government and where you can make a name for yourself as an up-and-coming leader.

Foreign Affairs:

This game has players from all over the world. Many people live/have citizenship in their actual RL country, but you are free to move around to some degree.

Conflict is inevitable as there really is a battle over resources and power going on. Our nation is part of an alliance, which means we work with other nations to accomplish our mutual objectives. There are other alliances, as well, who have unified for the specific purpose of working against us.

Since every country has both the mechanics and the meta aspects, foreign affairs can be one of the most interest aspects of this game. People in different countries have different ideas about what they want and what they think is fair. Spies are a thing. Double-agents are a thing. Because of the very complicated and sensitive nature of foreign affairs, you’ll find the least amount of turnover in these roles. It is important to maintain consistency from term to term. We may have a different Dictator every month, but some countries see very little turnover and will not start negotiations from scratch every few weeks.

I encourage you to get to know people in other countries. Not to spy and not to start trouble, but just because it’s cool to have friends from everywhere. Our forig friends add another layer of interest to this game that shouldn’t be ignored. Who knows, if other countries start mentioning they know you and think you’re cool, you may find yourself being asked to work with our foreign affairs team on the national level!

Political Parties:

Political parties are necessary for mechanics, but it’s also a massive part of the meta game. Because of how the game is programmed, we need to have 5 parties. We have many more than that, but the Top 5 parties have some buttons and powers in the game that smaller parties don’t have. For example, we can run for Congress. If a member of a smaller party wants to run for Congress, they have to ask a bigger party if they can run. Then they have to actually change parties in-game to be on the ballot.

From a meta point of view, parties are fantastic because it’s essentially a smaller version of the game. If you can do well inside a party, then you can do well inside a country, then you can do well in the larger world of eRepublik. Parties make a nice, safe place to learn how the game works, hone your skills as a community-builder and have a crap ton of fun with new friends. Everyone needs a team to be on and parties take on the responsibility of giving players a great team home.

START HERE Campaigning

Each type of election happens every month. The Presidential election is on the 5th of every month. Party President elections are on the 15th. Congressional elections are on the 25th. This means you will most likely have an opportunity to run for SOMETHING sooner than you think.

From a mechanics standpoint, you can run for whatever you want, any time you want. There is literally nothing stopping you. However, if you really want to win, you have to put something into it.

Congressional races, because of the mechanics, don’t really require any kind of campaigning. Being a known, active player in the game and in your party is usually enough to get you consideration for Congress. In our party, we have sign-ups, so you can tell the party leadership that you’d like to be in Congress. From there the Political Director will work with the Party President to determine how many seats they think the party can reasonably win and which of our party members we would most like to have representing us on the national level.

For President and Party President, however, get ready to work. You must come up with a plan for what you would like to do, if elected, and who you would like to do it with. You have to announce your intent to run, lay out those plans and then try and get people to vote for you.

Both President and Party President elections have primaries that take place on the forums (in the meta). Whoever wins the primary, wins the party’s endorsement. For President, that means the sitting PP clicks a button in the game saying they support that candidate. For Party President, there is more of a gentleman’s agreement that if you lost the primary, you drop off the ballot and help the primary winner secure the seat.

Some races aren’t very hotly contested, but when they are, you will really have to work hard- sending messages, writing articles, appearing on shows, using the shout feed, and trying to lock down endorsements from well-known players in the hopes they will also do these things for you. It can be frustrating, at times, to work so hard for something you may not win. But it’s also a lot of fun and you meet a lot of new people during the campaigning process. Maybe you didn’t win that time, but there is always another election right around the corner.

The Federalist Party has introduced VICEROY elections. The Viceroy has no in-game power. It's really just an exercise in campaigning and a great activity-generating opportunity. This should be the first thing you ever run for.

Join a Military Unit:


JOIN AIRBORNE! All new players should be fighting in Air Battles EXCLUSIVELY

Both of these Military Units have Airborne regiments. Join one of them!


Here is more information about fighting in AIR BATTLES
What are Air Battles?
How To Become a Sky Hero
An Airman’s Arsenal
A Sustainable Pilot


DC = Day change
IRC = Internet Relay Chat, commonly used chat system
MM = Media Mogul (medal in the profile page)
MM = Mass Message
multi = multi account
NCM = New citizen message
Plato = the face of the eRep Admins (pure evil)
RL - IRL = Real Life - In Real Life
Wigs/Gypsies = eRepublik staff
P/H = Proud/Horny (loving your party so much it gives you a chub. Only Feds can experience P/H)

Political Acronyms
ATO = Anti-Takeover (blocking a PTO)
MPP = Mutual Protection Pact
PP = Party President
PTO = Political Takeover

Military Acronyms/Terms
AS = Airstrike
ATA = Air to Air (battle)
BH = Battle Hero Medal (Highest Influence Total in a given Battle)
CH = Campaign Hero Medal (Highest Influence Total in a given Campaign, 8 to 15 Battles)
CO = Commanding Officer
CO = paid Combat Orders
CotD = Campaign of the Day
DO = Daily Order, The Battle a Military Unit can/has selected
FF = Freedom Fighter
FF = Food fights (available energy)
Goldbeasts = People who buy insane amounts of gold.
MU = Military Unit
NE = Natural Enemy
PP = Prestige Points
QM = Quarter Master (supplies)
RW = Resistance War
SH = Sky Hero Medal (Highest Influence in a given Aircraft Battle)
Tank = someone doing a large amount of damage and usually has a high strength
TW = Training War
TG = Training Grounds (where you train daily to increase your fighting strength)
TP = True Patriot
XO = Executive Officer (2nd in Command)
2 clicker = someone who stopped playing actively and just does his work/train clicks

Economy Acronyms
ARM = Aircraft Raw Materials
CC = Country currency
FRM = Food Raw Materials
HRM = Housing Raw Materials
MM = Monetary Market
RM = Raw Materials
WAM = Work as Manager
WRM = Weapon Raw Materials
WT/OT = Work tickets/Overtime

National Government Positions/Departments
PoTUS = President of the United States
CP = Country President
CP/D = Country President/Dictator
VP = Vice President
CoS = Chief of Staff
DoD = Department of Defense
  SoD = Sectary of Defense
SoS = Sectary of State
SoM = Sectary of the Media
  WHPR = White House Press Release
DoCA = Department of Citizen Affairs (Formerly Interior and Education)
  SoCA = Secretary of Citizen Affairs
NSC = National Security Council
IES = Immigration Enforcement Subcommittee
EC = Economic council
SoH = Speaker of the House, Congressional leader/oversight
CBO = Congressional Budget Office
SCI = Select Committee on Intelligence

National Programs
AA = Arm America
BU2SU = Bank Up to Strength Up
StW = Stack the Wall
MoW = Meals on Wheels

Cabinet positions frequently used in other countries
CP = Country President
PM = Prime Minister (another term used for CP)
CoS = Chief of Staff
MoF = Minister of Finance
MoD = Minister of Defense
MoFA = Minister of Foreign Affairs (State Dept equivalent)
MoE = Minister of Education
MoI = Minister of Information
MoImm = Minister of Immigration

United States Military Units
USAF = United States Armed Forces (not to be confused with US Air Force)
- FT = Flight Training
- USAAC = United States Army Air Corps (newly created Air-Only unit inside USAF)
EZC = Easy Company (Formerly the Official Fed militia)
C4 = Cannon Cockers
VMA = The Black Sheep MU
BC = Bear Cavalry (SFP MU)

Retired/Historical eUS Military Units
UM = Ultramarines
AF = Air Force (not to be confused with USAF, of which it was a branch)
RS = Rogue Squadron
SF = Special Forces
ST6 = Seal Team 6
SoL = Sons of Liberty
JCS = Joint Chiefs of Staff (former official military leaders gone 'independent')
eUSMC = US Marine Corps

eUS Parties
Feds = Federalist Party
USWP = United States Worker's Party
SFP = Socialist Freedom Party
WTP = We The People
BSP = Black Sheep Party
AMP = American Military Party
AFA = American Freedom Alliance (home of Enemy of State Ajay/RGR)
OhFU = Old Farts United

CoT = Circle of Trust (former alliance)
EDEN = Erepublik Defense & Economic Network (former alliance)
TWO = The World is Ours (former alliance)
NA = Northern Alliance (first alliance ever) (former alliance)
PEACE GC = People of Earth Associated under Common Excellence: Global Community (former alliance)
ONE = Order of New Eworld (former alliance)
PHX = Phoenix (former alliance)
ABC = Alliance of Baltic Countries (former alliance)
GEA = Garden of EDEN alliance (former alliance)
CTRL = Came To Rock, Literally (former alliance)
Chats and Streams:

IRC is kind of old-school but it’s still used in eRepublik. The Department of Education wrote up this great tutorial a while back, so I’ll just refer you to that. CLICK HERE

Discord is becoming more common these days. That is where you will jump in to be on one of the radio shows different players host. It has a chat and a voice feature. It’s fun. CLICK HERE

Beam.pro is how people broadcast ‘radio shows.’ The shows are really just the voice discussions happening via Discord, but if you’re not on the air, then you can’t hear what they’re talking about unless you are catching the Beam stream. CLICK HERE


You are already on the most important forum in the game- THE FED PARTY FORUM!

However there are other forums you will probably needs to know about. The eUSA forum is where the national government operates. That’s also where smaller parties are located because they don’t have the population to require their own forum.

When you join an MU, they may also ask you to sign up for a forum. Forums are the best way to keep groups organized and on the same page, so get ready to start bookmarking a ton of stuff. You’ll need it.

Newspapers and Shouts:
START HERE Newspapers

One of my favorite things in-game is the newspaper. You can use your newspaper however you want to. It can be a blog, it can be hard-hitting journalism, it can be total shit-posting and fuckery. It’s whatever you want it to be. Read other people’s papers. Vote, subscribe, endorse, comment. If you are active on other people’s papers, they will most likely return the favor.

On the main page of eRepublik, you can see the Top 5 articles of the moment, ranked by the number of votes they have received. A newspaper can only hit the Top 5 if it is less than 48 hours old, so if you want to get eyeballs on it and get those votes, you need to utilize the shout feed and promote your articles.

The shout feed only allows for a limited number of characters, so it’s a good idea to shorten the name of your article. To do that, just take out the words and keep the numbers, like this:



Building Your Brand:

Your identity is everything from your screen name to your avatar to your newspaper to your forum signatures. Trying to keep things cohesive and consistent will really help you be easily identified by other players in the game. If your name in eRepublik is one thing, but your forum name is something else, people will have a hard time making that association. If you change your avatar every week, people will have a hard time recognizing you at a glance. And you want people to make these associations if you have any ambition at all in this game.

You don’t need to be an especially prolific writer or spend a ton of time commenting on every single post and article or ‘pressing the flesh’ in IRC. If you have a clear, easily identifiable visual scheme, you will be more memorable with less effort. When you find something you like, stick with it.

If you need help with this, try reaching out to someone who has a brand you like and see if you can get some pointers or some help!

Making Friends and Allies:

This game is full of very talented, smart individuals from all over the world. They all bring a totally different skill set to the game, which is what makes eRepublik a fascinating and rewarding experience. You will learn things in this game you never knew how to do. You will meet people who will become friends for life. This game can change you as much as you can change the game. Make sure that’s all for the best and keep things positive. You will have rivals and you will have enemies, but a certain amount of respect is due to any person who chooses to spend their time in this bizarro world.

Have a great time. This is a game. Enjoy the experience.

Working and Companies:

You can get a job in the game and make some money, however if you are a member of a Military Unit, they may require you to work in a commune in exchange for supplies and a little money. This is actually a great deal since you are getting more in return for your cheap/free labor than you could get just by earning money and trying to go it alone.

You can own companies in this game, as well, but your money may be better invested elsewhere in the game.

It pays to be active:
START HERE Paystobeactive

Famous players have a bunch of money. Nobody really knows why. It’s just like real life.

But getting active in the game can be very rewarding- financially. There are a number of programs available specifically to help new players. There are MU programs that will earn you some decent money while also helping you rank up. If you write articles, people have the option to endorse them. An endorsement is basically someone throwing money at you for writing an article and giving them the privilege of having their name on the bottom of it. There are also a lot of prize pools and giveaways and contests that players put on. Get involved in all of them!! Not only is it a good time, but it increases your public visibility and earns you some money at the same time. Sometimes a whole lot of money.


Click here to learn more

START HERE Panhandle

Asking for some help is super effective. As long as you’re not that guy always begging for a handout, reaching out to a power player and just asking for a little help will usually get you what you need... And sometimes even more than you asked for.

This is a very social game and it’s all about community-building. It is everyone’s best interest to help each other out.

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