Introduce yourself and gain access *READ FIRST*

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Introduce yourself and gain access *READ FIRST*

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:05 am

Welcome to the Official Forum of the Federalist Party, home to the greatest party in eRepublik!

Why are we the best?

The Federalist Party is different from others because it has always had the goal of recruiting new active players and helping them rise through the ranks so we intentionally have continuous turnover. Having the same people running everything for months and years just simply doesn’t provide the party or the country with anything useful. Having a large base of people you can look to is far more productive and honestly makes people happier. Now with that said if you don’t want to rise past a certain point we won’t pressure you to but we will still ask you on occasion in case things change. Never fear talking to anyone in our party leadership as we are always willing to help those both old and new alike.

If you're new to this forum, new to the party, or new to anything at all, we want to meet you! Please make a new thread, title it whatever you want, leave your in game profile link, and then tell us how awesome you are, or how awesome you're becoming every day, or about your collection of stamps. Tell us whatever you want really, but make a new thread for yourself!

We want to see who you are, making a new thread makes it easy for everyone to learn your name. It also makes it easy to make sure you get the right forum permissions.

Also, while you're at it, check out Fed Discord. This is where we all hang out and where the game is REALLY happen. Drop in!

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