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Post by nickbergman on Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:29 am

POST YOUR ARTICLES HERE TO END UP BEING VOTED ON FOR FEDS UP SEVEN UP!  Articles could get you some free stuff and will be featured in FED PRESS.  So be inspiring be convincing and show your Pride and neverending Horniness and let your freak flag fly.  

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Post by Leo.TheDamager on Tue Jun 24, 2014 1:10 am

Feds UP  UP

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Post by Raphael3 on Tue Jun 24, 2014 3:51 pm

The message I have is simple.

We must have a concerted effort to consolidate all USA political parties around the Federalist Party, since it is the biggest already. Every member of the party should try to recruit others into ours, and those that r in power, should merge us with other parties. A house divided cannot stand.
We look like the map of Europe !

And, since we r the largest party, it would logically follow suit that USA's military units should merge. For instance, EZ company is allied with us. Should not EZ company and Shield/Hammer merge? and the others as well.

I know, impossible, a lot work, won't happen !

But try, make the effort every day, acquire 1 member per day and grow united.

Then, and only then, can we go overseas as a united people.

It can be done. Let us try!


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Post by BamaBettie on Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:49 pm

Bumping nb's article contest. The FPR needs YOU!
Queen of the HAMMERS

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Post by eliwood_sain on Wed Jun 25, 2014 10:35 pm

Raphael, the division of the 5 parties is actually for purposes of national security due to mechanics. If we had all of the current top 5 parties form one mega-party, we would need 4 more parties to fill in the top 5 parties who can submit candidates for elections. Right now, the next 4 parties includes the AFA who is more allied with some foreign nations than it is the eUS. Them entering the top 5 is not beneficial. Plus, there are personality conflicts between various people in this country and them all being together in one party would not be beneficial. Each party has a different twist that makes it unique and helps keep this game interesting.

On the topic of MU consolidation, EZC willingly split from the Fed Party and SHIELD was designed to fill in the gap that they left. EZC merging with SHIELD is unlikely seeing as they were the ones to split rather than the party severing ties with the MU.
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Post by Raphael3 on Thu Jun 26, 2014 7:20 pm

k, thx, understand the history now. Shame though, we could do better !

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Post by DylanBAS on Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:42 pm

Article submission:

I joined the Feds twice. One of those times it was for, in retrospect, god awful reasons. The second time was the more recent one, and I am proud to have stayed with the Feds since then.

My first time, I was a naive and young player. My experience was mostly tied up with my Military unit, which was C4 at the time. I joined the Feds for the simple reason that they were the biggest party and they put out the most media at the time. This was a horrible idea. No one should join a party without any consideration of the community within it and no prior knowledge of the party. What I did resulted in my feeling isolated from all the political parties. Sort of like those in RL who say that all the parties are just the same. To solve this, I party hopped. I was, at one point or another, in every one of the top 5 parties. I did this until about the end of the infamous wipe of 2013.

This was when a new ATO(Anti Takeover) plan was developed to defeat the AFA. We moved from the defensive to the offensive and started making buffer parties to fill the Top 5. This was a move I had advocated for for a while and I quickly jumped on the bandwagon. These parties were short lived, but they provided me with a political home and valuable experiences. I joined the "pony party" run by Derphoof. I did article campaign promotion work for the party(It was always a bit lulzy) and got on the congress list. I didn't make it, but I gained from the experience of being in the running.

As the ATO movement lost its vital utility, the parties drained away, not being needed since the AFA had been soundly defeated. People were finding their homes back in their old parties, but I couldn't. I hadn't had a meaningful party before this.

Now comes the part where I join the Feds. Both here and in RL, I like to be empirical and scientific about things. The numbers don't lie. So I decided to try a little experiment. I had thought of an idea a while back for a referendum system that would bring bills to the congress via the masses. I had dismissed it at first, but I decided to put it to work here. I sent the preliminary draft of my idea in messages to the top spot congress member at the time in each party. I waited for responses. I got a response from 2 people. The WTP congress member, who shortly abandoned the idea, and Trekker Tlumac of the Feds, who embraced the idea with open arms and worked with me to refine it and eventually, with the collaboration of the other Feds, propose it in congress. Even after all the work, it failed. But despite this, Trekker and the rest of the Feds remained optimistic throughout the process. I had found my party. One who had shown their true qualities via a test they didn't even know they had passed.

Shortly after this, I was placed on the congress ballot and won my first seat. Ever since then, I have participated in congress on an on and off basis, sometimes taking a break and sometimes forgetting to run(silly me) and I have remained loyal to the Feds as well. I am proud to be a Fed and this is the right party for me. P/H!

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Post by nickbergman on Mon Jun 30, 2014 4:13 pm

very DylanBAS

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Post by nickbergman on Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:31 pm

This will now be a weekly or monthly feature

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Post by HattoriHannzo on Mon Jul 07, 2014 10:41 pm

Hello all i was asked to write article here about my time in SHIELD Military Unit and FED Political Party. I came in SHIELD MU because i saw Nickbergman's article about SHIELD MU and i was interested to check out what this MU and this Party is about. When i came inside i got lot of help from members i must name some of them like WookyJack,Bama Bettie,CuppyCakeYums, Mazzy Cat and more of them who were so warm welcoming to me and help me right away. After 1 day i talked with crashthompson and i got inside of HAMMER training program which is best program if you ask me cause it helps you upgrade your TGs really fast. My goal entering FED was trying to learn about politics inside our country and trying to work for best of our country. After few days i was told by Bettie to run for congress and to see if im lucky this month to become congressman and to start being involved in politics more. I didn’t have luck but still i learned a lot and i started working inside of some Departments. First Departments i started working in was Recruitment Department and Fun Department. Into Fun Department i was invited by Bama Bettie to start working as Staffer to try working on Forum Games. We had lot of games and we needed to start cleaning forum little, we had meeting and decided what to keep what to delete and now the forum games are easyer to play and only the good ones are left. We gotta say thanks to FUN Department people who did great job. For Recruitment Department i was ask by Nick to help out little recruiting the new citizens inside SHILED and FED. After that i started working as staffer for MEPS also under Nick. Im like 1 month or so inside of SHIELD MU and FED and im really happy with how stuff is going. I already upgraded my TGs to like Q4,Q1,Q2,Q3 so now im getting like 50+ str every day. Also last week i was promoted into Senior Staffer in Fun Department and i started working as Communications NCO. So as you can see the SHIELD MU and FED Party is really fun and lot of people will try help you out. Also i need to thank every member of SHIELD and FED for helping out new members and for being nice as they are :) Also i want to thank my bosses (Bama Bettie and Nickberger) for being nice to me even tho im not best employee. Well this is my story in short article didn’t want to make it to long so hope you guys will like haha Very Happy


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Post by Thomas Killah on Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:31 pm

Article submission:

Hello! My name is Thomas Killah, and this is the story of my 2 years in eRepublik.

I first joined this game in 2012 with my brothers. Within weeks, my dad and 2 brothers both

went inactive, I was the last man standing. I was very excited about this game as I have been

looking for a game that could satisfy my need for a political game. As soon as I could, I

wasted all my gold into fighting and ignored all of the people who tried to recruit me and

their advice. When I reached the level where I unlocked political parties, I dove right in. I

was tempted by the Federalist Party - It was so large! But, I decided not to. I thought it

would be too hard to rise up the ranks, little did I know only the Top 5 parties could run

for Congress. I joined a small party with 3 members, called the American Progressive Party

(APP for short). I was in the party for about a month, until I realized I wanted to become a

congressmember, and this party was holding me back.

I was niave like most young players, and left the APP for for the Feds. It was just after the

President election of December 2012, and come the 15th I decided to run for Party President

of the Feds, I was clueless and confused at the time. However, then someone sent me a nasty

message, threatening me to drop out. Afraid he was right that I had no chance, instead of

facing rejection, I dropped out. I wanted to leave the party then, but the congress elections

were so close! I stayed for the election, and only the election. I made articles, and even a

website to promote me, but before the election, I was banned for multi's. I had no clue what

I did wrong, they said I had multiple accounts, so I guess they thought my brothers were

multi's because we had the same ip adress (we shared a computer). I appeal, but my attempt

was in vain. After the ban was complete, my brother told me he rejoined eRep and when he

logged in he wasn't banned, so I have no idea who it was they thought was my multi, my name

at the time was Zvonty Flugence. My brother moved to Canada and went inactive again and died

in-game. I was fed up with eRep because of the BS perma-ban.

However, only 2 months later, I decided to give it a go, I had gotten a new laptop, that was

my own and not shared, and created a new account named Thomas Killah, I re-joined the APP,

which had 5 members now, including me, and made sure to stay away from any suspicious

activities, making multi's, or playing with my bro's. I isolated myself. A couple months down

the road, and I saw an Ambassador recruitment article. I decide to try it out, and make a

name for myself. I was the Ambassador to Serbia and North Korea. Then our party president,

Mercurious100, left us for WTP, or USWP, I can't remember which. He left someone named

Fhaemita Malodorus in charge, despite I had never heard of him, nor did I see him ever do

anything for the party. I was outraged he left, what I felt like was a stranger, in charge.

He left only a few days before the next election, so I quickly ran for Party President. In

the race there were 3 main contenders: Fhaemita, myself, and someone named Alexandrer Coin. A

day before the election, Coin contacted me and said we should join forces against Fhaemita. I

said I'd think about it after this election. I wanted to see if I'd be able to win, I did

not. I got 3 votes, Coin got 2, and Fhaemita got like 11. We had about 16 members now, thanks

to the recruiting my Mercurius100 (Merc).

Since that day Coin and I vowed to take him down. However, I also wanted to have some type of

party level experience, so I asked Fhaemita if I could run the party newsletter (A PM news

thing, like FedEx). He accepted, and I became the Spokesperson. The next month, Coin and I

launched our Coin/Killah campaign, we both wrote articles on why we should replace Fhaemita,

he took a radical approach saying he has done nothing for this party, and is a disgrace to

what APP stands for. I took a more moderate approach, saying he did all he could, but that is

not enough. We lost again but much closer margins. However, we didn't give up. The next month

we ran, we continued our Coin/Killah campaign, highlighting Fhaemita's key slip-ups, mostly

in our decline of membership. That month we won, and we started radical reforms, and totally

rebooted the party. We changed the flag, orientation, even our name. We changed the American

Progressive Party (APP), into The United Republic Party (TURP). The name was supposed to be

chosen through a poll, but Party President Coin changed his mind and chose one himself, he

did the same for our logo. And although neither the name nor the logo, was popular at all, it

grew on us, it became apart of us. Coin mostly handled things that had to do with external

affairs, while I administered all the hard, dirty work, as well as took on as a figure head

for the party. We recruited non-stop, and with no mass messengers, every message was by hand.

We sent out over 100 messages a month, at one point or another we had a party baby boom.

We rose from 16 members to 88! We wanted to be the next Top 5 party, but then disaster

struck. RL hit Coin bad, real bad. He were inactive in all aspects of the game for a week or

2 and we began to crumble, along side more frquent ATO's on the AFA, we were losing members

fast. In October 2013, I asked Josh Frost, who was the current PotUS hopeful, to be his

Director of Ambassadors, and that it needed major overhauls and that no one loved the program

more than I did. He said someone already had the position, but offered me the Deputy spot.

The Director happened to be Alexandrer Coin, and he did OK but basically gave up and made me

do it. Also, that month I moved to LAP when it was first created, because the DHS were asking

people to and I had been the VP for 5 terms to Coin now and I was tired of it. I ran for

congress and successfully won a seat. This was my first time, the only other time was this

month. I also got to work closely with NewAzazle and irule, however TURP needed me, and Coin

begged me to run for PP, it was only 3 days before, so I was unprepared. Also, Coin asked the

DHS if they could set up a merge with another party to raise membership. The DHS did and so i

had to coordinate a merge and win in the other party, not to mention the merge wasn't

complete by election day. At the same time NewAzazle appointed me the Director of the

Ambassador program. And to make matters worse, we found out that there was an unknown

candidate who was racking up alot of votes, I checked out his account and it was clear he was

Serbian. I notified the DHS and thank god he was online because he was sending voters ASAP. I

ended up winning like 40 to 17, with like 20 of the votes belonging to the DHS. I did many

things during my term including striking several deals with T5 parties to get our members in

congress, but I made 1 huge mistake - I did not communicate at all, only with my cabinet,

there were no Newsletters, no articles, no IRC, I was too focused on fixing our dying party.

The next election, I lost and it ended up that the winner jkeller ended up doing his own form

of a pto, by trolling everyone. He renamed TURP into the United States Freedom Union (USFU),

which I think still lives on, but just like that TURP was over, all actives left and spread.

Alexandrer Coin, after going inactive for months as the DoE, moved to the UK and ceased all

communication with me, and we were pretty close friends, we declared ourselves e-step

brothers. I am pretty sure he hasn't given the DoE's money back, most of which was from a

like 20,000 USD donation from MazzyCat, despite my endless PM's. I have only heard from him

once since then and that was when he asked how I was doing, and when I asked him the same

thing, he didn't respond, and hasn't since. So, I was disappointed about many things, it was

December 2013 and I was in my 2nd term as Director of the Ambassador program, before I

resigned due to too much rl work. After I came back, I moved to AMP, where no one except

Lauren Eilola would respond to me. We were friends, and she ran for PP, but I never voted for

her because she lacked the experience, and then we got into a whole big fiasco with some

large articles from JK and IS, so I left and moved to LAP again became the Director of

Recruitment for the 3rd time, Lauren followed and I told her to calm down and not ruin things

here. Then she was exposed as a pto'er, a real one, and rgr, and had a false identity, I

immediately severed all ties with her. Then LAP fell out of the T5 almost as fast as TURP

fell, but not as fast, and then merged with WTP. I then moved to the Black Sheep Party,

because they broke into the T5, were very active, and had a cool game. I eventually left,

because they were centered around the military. I was partyless for a week or so, then I saw

the most amazing article ever, it was a recruitment article by nickbergerman (I think that

how you spell it), it convinced me to give the Feds another chance, I got involved quickly as

the Senior Staffer of the Fun/Retention Department and then was asked to become a Deputy

Director of the DHS, it was my first time but I learned alot. The Director at the time was

SColbert and it was his first time aswell, during my term I stopped a pto threat in USWP

against official candidate SColbert, with the help of nonstop shouting from Wild Owl and

Jefferson Locke. Now, I am in my 2nd term of Congress, my 2nd term as Deputy DHS to first

timer greeling, and still in my first term of the Fun/Retention Department but was promoted

to a Deputy already.

I am Thomas Killah, this was my life. I hoped you enjoyed my successes, and learned from or

connected with my downfalls. Have a good day!

Feel free to cut out or skip parts :)
Thomas Killah
Deputy Recruiting Director
Deputy Recruiting Director

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Post by PowerPack on Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:08 am

Nickbergman asked me to write article here so i will do it :)

I'll write a little story how i got to erepublik and to feds and shield.

Basicly it all started about 2-3 months ago. Mart Klaar is my IRL friend and he started to sit behind hes pc a lot and doing stuff more than usual. So i got intrigued - what he was doing there ... i always so some funny looking page and some irc stuff going on.

So i asked about it and how it works and whats the deal overall. Mart is a kind guy who explains things very well. So i got to know erep pretty well in following months i saw the good side and some of the nasty one also.

We had some talks about me joining erep also but i didn't feel im up for it. But still on Jul 02, 2014 i made my account. Followed Mart's instructions not to fight too much at start and join eUSA, federalist party and shield. Well i did join USAF at first cause i'm stoburne like this :)

Usaf was nice specialy for beginners i followed trough flightraining there and then it was time to move on. But as it was not so clear to me in what part of USAF i need to transfer or apply i finally followed Mart's advice and joined SHIELD.

Got a warm welcome in irc and forum. Started following instructions to be accepted in HAMMER program (everything is well explained and no confusion what i need to do). I am sometimes not so patient so the holdup on joining hammer and some confusion made me wonder if i am in right place. But got assured from several people that all is good and things will be handeled.

Oh boy was i happy when i finally got accepted to hammer. Started working on objectives for hammer and having a blast at irc (special thanks to Cuppycakeyums)
And also in shield we have epic uniforms! (thanks to graphic guys also)

There is a lot of nice people in shield and in feds also. So im very happy that i joined both of them. Already found me a job in shield and have something to do while i can train strength to be useful in wars someday :P

So if you are new player that just started or old one who came back join us here, it is the place to be!

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The Beard is Back!!!

Post by *Trickstir on Mon Aug 11, 2014 6:50 am

Well, after some time away from my personal newspaper, I am back hopefully I will be active here once again. During my time away I spent time in the Department of the Interior great department wonderful people to work with. The group of young americans working hard to gain strength in the BU2SU program will hopefully continue to make strides. There will be a name change for that program in the future so keep your eyes open and be ready. More about that later.

So after leaving the DoI for various reasons, Shortly after making the tough decision to leave the BU2SU program in a new set of hands, Tyler Bubblar released an article about direction. As I sat there reading the article I realized that BU2SU had been my direction. Over the last 6 months I had logged in trained, worked, then went to check the status of my people I would call my friends. Some of these people did not have any interaction with me other than me sending them their gold for the program and them replying with a thank you message. These people had been my reason for logging into the game. Now, I am no longer a part of that and will wander for a while as I find a new direction to take in the eLife. I want to thank everyone for the good things we were able to accomplish during my tenure with the program.

I have announced to EZC CO Deepchill that I will be returning as captain to one of the greatest Military Units in the eUS if not the eWorld. This will give me a chance to reconnect to a group of individual that I called a family before my hiatus from the game. I am going to continue working toward some personal strength goals as well.

Now to the campaigning part of my article, BU2SU is going through a phase of name change. It has been announced that we the citizens of the eUS have a chance to decide what the program is to be called.I am asking you as citizens of this great country to help me preserve the name of the one program that has lasted over two years in the Department of the Interior.
Why should the name not change? To understand this you must understand the Bank Up 2 Strength Up was a replacement for a great brain child program. This program was Israel Stevens, Tank Up 2 Rank Up, some of you older players will remember this program. We got tanks and we fought hard! Well as the game evolved we realised the key was not to rank up faster than you gained strength. So the program was revamped to provide gold for new players, in exchange they would fill out a form and refrain from fighting. A name needed to be given and Bank Up 2 Strength Up was chosen to pay tribute to the original program which had done so well for the community. So in order to preserve this I call on you the american people to write in Bank Up 2 Strength Up and vote for it as the name should remain the same. It is familiar to donors, and players alike.

NEWSWIRE REPORT: Rumors are abound that one of the great private eUS MU’s may be opening its doors to new members in the very near future. I do not have all the details yet however, I can tell you from a decently reliable source that this MU has been closed for almost a year!!! Will you join when the pad lock comes off??? An elite MU which has won many of the eUS competitions over the last few months? CURRAHEE!!!


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