Forum? IRC? Meta-What?

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Forum? IRC? Meta-What?

Post by crashthompson on Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:32 pm


The stuff that happens beyond the actual border of the website eRep is typically referred to as Meta-Game.  And interesting enough, Meta-Game can/does play a role in the military module for the average soldier/MU.

No, I can’t attack Serbia and take their regions via a forum, but I can plan and prepare an attack.

I can meet with fellow MU members on IRC, coordinating exact damage drops on specific battles so that no damage is wasted and is placed in the right times at the right places.

Again, Meta-Game is not for all and every player.  Some players like to just click and have fun watching their enemies die across the fields.  But those Daily Orders, those RW’s, those Natural Enemy bonuses are decided upon, created, initiated from the Meta-Game aspect.

Forum Examples

As you have notices, SHIELD does its food requests on a forum.  This is a version of Meta-Game as it requires you to create a new tab on your browser and type in some information to receive weapons and food.

We also do roll calls to share information and make announcements.  This is done in order to inform you of what is going on in game, the reasons for it.  Why does CrashThompson keep making me fight for Albania?  Well in a thread on the forum I would explain how they are our Albronians and our support is part of a wider effort against Serbia (See Operation Old Brothers)

Why do I keep getting stuff for rockets?  Oh wait, yea I used the forum outside of eRep to post damage and they gave me more stuff.  Awesome!

Last, as a command structure we run through ideas on what to do.  The Artillery Division came as a conversation and idea that members of command had outside of eRep.  This War College came from another conversion, via in game messaging and outside of the game messaging.

IRC Examples

If you visit our IRC #SHIELD on Rizon, you will notice that sometimes it isn’t that lively.  Sorry, I will work on that.  But, at times, during key battles extra supplies and rocket materials have been handed out to make some last pushes.

RW’s have been started by MU’s looking for their people on IRC, because it helps if everyone supports the RW within a small time frame all together.

Meta-Game Helps

I can’t say Meta-Game is awesome because it isn’t for everybody.  But it can provide more fun for some players and it does provide fun for all players.  Again, SHIELD was created by people on a forum.

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Re: Forum? IRC? Meta-What?

Post by RaccoonGoon on Fri Jun 28, 2013 6:47 pm

For better or worse, the amount of eRep "gameplay" that goes on outside of the official site is mind boggling. Unfortunately, that fact is sometimes very hard to show people.

The meta-game is not for everyone, but just know, if you ever want more out of your eRepublik experience, it's out there. It's pretty hard to get any major positions (like congressman, party president, country president) without being engaged in the meta-game, but seriously, new players with initiative are the best kind of players. If you ever want to get more involved, just ask around. There are plenty of older players around here who would be happy to help people with initiative find a place where they can make their presence felt, help out, and get to know everyone better.

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