SHIELD Military Unit Access Request

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SHIELD Military Unit Access Request

Post by Orikfricai on Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:07 pm

Welcome to the S.H.I.E.L.D Headquarters, we were founded by the Federalist Party as a Department within the Federalist Party. Older players know that the original Military Unit for the Federalist Party was Easy Company but after sometime a split between the two created a need for a new military unit. Along came SHIELD with the goal of filling the large shoes left behind by EZC. Currently we have a large member base with many members coming from the Federalist Party but we do accept members from other parties and even countries as long as they are willing to follow our orders. We currently provide two types of supplies, the main being actively fighting SHIELD members* who receive up to 25 Q7 tanks and 1500 energy, the second is a unit we refer to as H.A.M.M.E.R. where we help those Division 1 members who are under 8,000 in strength and we provide them the gold required to upgrade their Training Grounds so as to add as much strength as quickly as possible.**

*At this time we are not accepting Division 1 foreign players with less than 8,000 strength.  
** D1 players with less than 8,000 strength must be eUSA citizenship to be eligible.

What are the requirements?

1st |
- Join SHIELD:
- You need to register on the Federalist Forum.
- Request Federalist and SHIELD access by creating a New Topic and Introduce yourself.
- Post your erepublik profile link.

2nd |
-  You need a uniform.  Once you are granted access to the SHIELD subForum you can request a uniform here -

3rd |
- You need to join the SHIELD Commune.  This is where we make tanks, food, other stuff in order to fund the MU, as well as the HAMMER program.  You can find a commune job with Molly Emma somewhere around here -  If you don't see it on that page, scroll up five or so and down five or so.  The job offer pays 1.03 country currency (cc). Remember, when you work for Molly Emma you receive supplies not cc.  (Foreign Fighters: you need to move to a eUSA region to apply for commune)

4th |
- Acknowledge SHIELD commandments once.  These are the rules.

5th |
- You must follow Daily Orders on the Fed Forum -

If you have any other questions please send a message to a member of our recruitment team:

eUSA S.H.I.E.L.D. Military Unit


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