[tuturial] Where everything is

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[tuturial] Where everything is

Post by Oliver on Fri Sep 06, 2013 11:05 am

"-Jaskier - sighed witcher, doing a really sleepy - You're a cynic, rake, fucker and a liar. And no, believe me, there is nothing in this complicated. Good night - Good night, Geralt "- Andrzej Sapkowski

TUTURIAL Where everything is #2

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Basic information :

   Missions - for their performance will get prizes. More can be found here .
   Our current account balance .
   Our state energy :
   A. The current level .
   B. Button recovery.
   C. The time remaining for the renewal of 10 energy points .
   Player Panel :
   A. Our current avatar .
   B. Messages.
   C. Notices.
   D. The level of experience.
   E. flag of the country in which we find ourselves.
   F. Our nickname .
   Main Menu:
   A current day .
   B. Search players.
   C. Logging .
   D Home .
   E. My places - work , training and special buildings .
   F. War - currently ongoing battle in the eWorld .
   G. market - goods , labor, foreign exchange , business .
   H. Community - Party , Group Battle , elections , inviting friends rankings .
   I. Gold and Accessories - shop eRepublik .
   Ongoing promotions in store eRepublik .
   EWorld map where you can find basic information about the region , to relocate , move to the battlefield.
   Elections - depending on the day of the month .
   Jobs and training.
   A. Move to My Places .
   B. Award for work and training.
   Today's orders :
   A. Daily Order.
   B. Progress in the implementation of Command .
   C. Move to the battlefield .
   D. Reward Daily Command .
   Rise - You must be in an area which is under occupation.
   A. Supporting the creation you have the opportunity to receive a medal Hero Rising.
   Day campaign set up by the President of the State .
   The best :
   A. The categorization .
   B. Move to a list of all the articles.
   My Wall :
   A. Tab Friends .
   B. Tab Battle Group .
   C. Tab Party .
   D. Tab Facebook.
   E. Number of comments and votes.
   F. You can comment on your post.
   G. You can vote on a post.
   H. develops plaque , showing older posts.

keyboard shortcuts in eRep

Storage -Shift+S
   My Land -Shift+L
   Mil. Campaigns -Shift+C
   Top News- Shift+T
  New msg -Shift+N
   Word Map -Shift+W
   Military Unit -Shift+M
   Alerts -Shift+A

more here: [Tuturial #2] http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-tuturial-where-everything-is-2-2315535/1/20 vote&sub

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