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Post by Slybabymichele on Sun Apr 26, 2015 10:51 pm

 [Contest] Posting/activity =CC E7DWawv

Starting every Monday until Sunday around 9-12pm EST Every 25 post  that is not just spamming a thread, but adding to the forum/fun areas  will receive 100cc.(No double posting) They will also receive a 25% chance of winning 500cc.  So if you post 100 times that week you will receive 400cc and  4 chances of winning 500c each time. So if you post 100 times you could win 2,400cc This will be open to everyone who is a Fed. You will need to appear in the "Top posting users this week." Have fun and happy posting.

 [Contest] Posting/activity =CC SKpoI8d
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