Senior Thought for the Day

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Senior Thought for the Day

Post by Raphael3 on Wed Jun 25, 2014 5:15 pm

Before we begin, gratz to those that cleaned up the forum. Much easier to navigate. Can u now go to DC in real life and do the Library of Congress ?

This is a great game, and we r on the greatest team in the game. But, if u need more, and want to get in on the ground floor of a game like this, revitalized, then play WorldAlpha. Can get u free stuff to start.

Anyway, it is an odd-numbered day, so humor it is:

A traveling businessman enters a bar, says to the bartender "I've been traveling for wks now where can I get some sexual entertainment?"

Bartender retorts "This is a clean town, mister, no houses like that here!"

Businessman replies "OK, just asking.", and shoots down some more booze.

Businessman asks again "There has be something in this big town barkeep!"

Bartender responds "Look, there's this guy named Charlie and...."

The Businessman cuts him off "No, thanks, I don't go for that stuff !"

Ten Minutes Later:

Businessman: "OK Bartender, tell me about this guy Charlie, first, how much does it cost?"

Bartender: "Well, let's see, there's 10 bucks for Tom, and 10 for Jerry, and..."

Businessman: "What ? 10 each for those guys, why, what do they do ???"

Bartender: "Well, u see, Tom and Jerry, they hold down Charlie, 'cause he don't go for that stuff either"

Keep the faith, play the lottery !

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