May - Fed Hall of Fame Inductees

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May - Fed Hall of Fame Inductees

Post by crashthompson on Tue May 06, 2014 2:23 pm

Federalist Party, today we present three Federalists who we put to you to vote to see who gets intucted into the Hall of Fame this month.

The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to enshrine Federalists of Fed History so that new Feds are aware of those who built the party in the past as well as those who build it today.

Please read, look over, and ask questions about each candidate.

Only one will be inducted this month. Those not selected will be voted on again in a future month.

Tiacha -

Tiacha was the Fed First Lady for quite some time. She also was one of the first Feds to really hit the national scene between being our first Congressperson as a party and being the very first overall Secretary of Education. She later would go into the Marines to go on to becoming Commandant. She has served as Party President and a countless number of national offices and exemplified what it meant to be a Fed: Country > Party > Self

Captain Panther -

Captain Panther was one of the key proponents for the Fed Military Department and would be instrumental in starting what would become Easy Company and the concept of a powerful Party Militia. He worked during the rising age of Federalism to help set the party apart with new programs as well as serving as a Party President and contributed significantly to getting top 5 status for the Feds as well as making the Feds who they are today. EZC & SHIELD would not be what they are today without Captain Panther, and his major contributions to the party through the establishment of the militia in support of national goals exemplified what it meant to be a Fed: Country > Party > Self

Alexander Hamilton -

(Being worked on)


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