Access Request

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Access Request

Post by Noobart on Sun Mar 23, 2014 2:23 pm


I started playing erepublik a while ago but didn't get too far before I started playing another game. I noticed an email from the game a few days ago so decided to check it out again. Anyhow, eventually I'd like to get started into politics and owning businesses so after checking out a few of the parties I decided on the Federalist Party.

You can see my in game profile here:

Thanks for considering me for the Fed party.


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Re: Access Request

Post by Apollo221 on Sun Mar 23, 2014 3:20 pm

Access granted! Welcome to the Feds!  Welcome Feds 

Be sure to check out the tutorial section for any help >

Or you can ask any fed directly. I also recommend getting a fed jerb. Its the best way to move up in this game!
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