(Historical) Hall of Fame Winners

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(Historical) Hall of Fame Winners

Post by dk3dknight on Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:02 am

Here you will find all previous winners of the Hall of Fame.
Let Thy Actions be guiding lights in the sky.

He is the eternal blocker. This guy was just a leader. Through and through. Always in IRC, always ready and willing to answer questions. He was Fed.  He would openly debate people and maintained that the Feds should be the example of integrity. He brought us from "just some 6th party" to "I wonder what the Feds are going to do next". We were not top 5 at the time but we were getting Congressional seats due to his and other leaderships work.  He pushed the idea of working with all parties and maintained that we should move forward with integrity. Country>Feds>Indv

In my view Fingerguns put this party on the map. I know she wasn't a founder, but from everything I've seen, heard, experienced, and read she was a big part of pushing this Party to prominence. Take my opinion with a grain of salt though, I've been here 6 months and this Party is much much older than that. She is one of the most proud and horny Feds I know. She carried a essence around her like no other.

*citizenslave written by MourningStar and Darian Dracona! fingerguns written by Tyler Bubblar and Mr. Wonka

2nd Set of Winners
Let Thy Actions be guiding lights in the sky.

Greene12 was 7 times Party President.
He was around for the formation of EZC as well as SHIELD. Solid Fed overall and has helped the party several times.Greene's terms were outstanding, very organized and full of energy, our media presence in those days was unmatched.

Gauis Julius
He did some of the most work to get the Feds on the national map.
He was out first Fed Potus and he became potus while we were a 6th, which really amped up our recruiting. He also was the top general of our military. In our early days, he's one of those feds that made our name much more legitimate because he was a big national and international player.

Rise basically started the party. He was the first PP we had and was part of the movement to break off from the RfC party.

*Greene12 written by twisted-pixel, Malarkey83, crashthompson!
*Gauis Julius written by Greene12, crashthompson!
*Rise written by eliwood_sain

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