How Many Clicks Should I Do?

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How Many Clicks Should I Do?

Post by crashthompson on Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:19 am

Maximizing Every Click

eRepublik allows you to spend 2400 Energy per day. This is limited by the replenishment rate of 10 Energy every 6 minutes. (Yes, you can expend more energy using Energy Bars, but 2400 is the base line from which we will discuss.) For the purpose of this article, we will refer to this 2400 supply of energy in terms of 240 clicks.

Our goal here is to teach you how to get the most out of 240 clicks (or less) per day.

The eRepublik Game is not entirely what it claims to be. If you joined from an ad or from their facebook page, you might have come expecting there to be a meaningful economy simulator. In reality, this is not a good game to play if you are primarily interested in developing an economic empire. Almost every company you can purchase for yourself in this game will operate with a net loss.

In other words, don't put your Gold or USD into food or weapons buildings of any kind unless you don't care about the poor return on investment. A small amount can be made just from working your own buildings, but the main purpose of this article is to talk you out of doing that.

What the Game designers have chosen to do with eRepublik is turn it primarily into a "war sim" (and arguments can be made about their success in this endeavor). Nations go to war, fighting over territories which contain resources which offer a slight advantage to the nation which holds them.

When you fight, your battle damage is your contribution to the war effort. Maximizing your Battle Damage is the key piece in being a contributing member of your MU and your Country.

In addition to the benefit to your Nation, your battle damage can also benefit you. If you win a Battle Hero medal, you will be awarded a Gold prize.

You fight in a Division among other soldiers whose Experience Points are in the same range as yours.

Note, I did not say you fight along side of other with a similar strength or rank, but Experience Level.

And here is the rub:

Experience Level has absolutely no bearing on your battle damage.
There are three ways to increase your Experience Level:
1: Vote. This yields 5 XP and does not "cost" a click.
2: Click Fight. This yields 1 XP per click.
3: Work/Train. These yield 2 XP per click.

So working in your companies speeds your forward progress in Experience Level. This is actually counterproductive to your competitiveness with other Citizens. The next section explains why.

The Battle damage you do is influenced by five potential factors:
1: Damage Boosters can be purchased for Gold to increase battle damage.
2: Battle damage is increased when fighting for your country against its Natural Enemy.
3: The higher "Q" weapon you use, the greater Battle damage you produce.
4: The higher your Military Rank is, the greater Battle damage you produce.
5: The higher your Strength is, the greater Battle damage you produce.

Of these factors, you can most easily control #3, #4, and #5.

SHIELD supplies the highest Q weapons available. So no worries there.

Your Military Rank increases based on how many clicks you spend fighting. Each rank increases your base damage by 5%.

Your Strength is, by far, the most important factor in making you competitive within your Division.
If you want to score Battle Hero medals (and don't we all?), then you want to grow your Strength.

Or to state it more explicitly, in order to score the most number of Battle Hero medals as easily as possible, it is most advantageous for you to become as much stronger than your fellow Division mates as possible.

Even more simply, if you want to win a lot of Gold, have high strength and low XP.

The high strength part of that equation is obvious. The reason you want low XP is because you actually want to linger in your Division as long as possible before graduating to the next. Once you graduate from D1 to D2 (or from D2 to D3), you will encounter much stronger competition for BH Gold.

Now do you remember learning that "work" clicks yield 2 XP compared to 1 XP for a "fight" click?

Working as manager in your companies (self-producing goods) is actually counterproductive to becoming a Battle Hero regular. Those extra XP from working drag your onward closer to graduating to the next Division.

So here is the advice: Don't work in your self-production buildings.

They are not returning very much income. (You can see this here (be sure to select "USA"). They are hurting your Battle effectiveness. They are more valuable to you if you liquidate them, convert any USD to Gold via the MM (sell, don't purchase), and spent on Training Grounds Upgrades.

Most of us get a little carried away when we enter the battlefield, and we want to put up the highest number possible for our Damage. So we keep fighting until our Energy meter is empty. We might even spend a few Energy Bars squeezing out some extra kills.

This is almost NEVER helpful to you unless you are fully committed to competing for the Battle Hero medal. And if you are doing things correctly, you should be competing for a Battle Hero medal without having to spend any extra Energy Bars!

So while you are waiting to build up your strength... while you are waiting for the next Training Grounds upgrade... while you are busy storing away your Gold so that you can upgrade all four of your Training Centers to Q4 , just quietly complete your Daily Order of 25 Kills or else take the day off from fighting.

Let everyone else speed past you in XP while you get stronger relative to them.

Once you are a D4 fighter, adding XP is no longer an issue. But until you get to D4, it should be your goal each day to do the following:

1. Work your commune Job. Just do it.
2. Train in your Free Weights Room and any other Training Center that is Q4.
3. Either Fight your Daily Order for 25 Kills and then STOP, or
3. Take the day off from fighting.

Simply put - don't click any more than you need to. If you make 1 kills, try to get all the way to 25 so you can save your Bazookas and Energy Bars. If you cannot make 25 kills, don't make any that day. Save your tanks and clicks for tomorrow.

Also, since you will be doing less clicking, you will have time to get involved in some of the fun eRepublik has to offer. This Forum is a lot of fun to just BS with other SHIELD members. The ingame newspapers are lots of fun to read. The eUS Forum can be fun. Your Political Party will welcome your activity. Or go play a facebook game and come back to eRepublik tomorrow!

Thanks to Gnilraps for letting me use his article.

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Re: How Many Clicks Should I Do?

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