Military Mechanics in eRepublik

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Military Mechanics in eRepublik

Post by crashthompson on Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:57 am

Military Mechanics in eRepublik -

Fighting in an eRepublik Battle is as simple as clicking a button. But there are some important variables which come into play, and this article summarizes these variables.

Choosing a Battle

As a member of SHIELD, you will always have an opportunity to earn a daily bonus for completing your Daily Order (often abbreviated "DO"). Completing the DO is as simple as making 25 DO kills (these do not have to all be accomplished during the same DO battle, you may kill some now, more later).

Your DO will appear on your "home" page and contain a direct link to fight in that battle. It will also have an indication of how many kills you've made toward your 25 (which is displayed thusly: 0/25 or 21/25). Once you've completed your DO, the link to the DO battle remains, but the counter will disappear.

Once you've made 25 kills in a DO battle, a button will appear for you to collect your bonus. Clicking it yields 1 energy bar (worth 100 Energy) and 5 Bazooka parts (which, once assembled, become a 1-shot-kill weapon worth 10,000 damage per shot. Each Bazooka is good for 3 shots.)
It is always a good idea to complete your DO before you go killing in other battles. Sometimes your DO link will lead you to a battle that is not currently active. Usually this means that the Division you are fighting in has either won or lost the current "round" and is waiting for other Divisions to finish. Rarely, the entire battle is over and you must wait for a new DO battle to be selected. (If this is the case, try sending an ingame message to your Captain and/or the CO. Only they can adjust the DO).

If you are looking for other meaningful battles, you can click the "Wars" button at the top of any eRepublik page. Important note: The wars which appear on this screen will be customized based on what territory your citizen is currently residing in. So if you are living in a territory that is not part of the eUSA, you may not see the battles which are considered most important for our Citizens to fight in.

If you are living in an eUSA Region, you will see a link from your home page called "Campaign of the Day". This is a battle assigned by the Department of Defense and the President where you can fight knowing you're supporting our National interests.

War mechanics

Wars have ''campaigns'' in which two countries and possibly their allies fight for a region: one defends it and others try to conquer it. Campaigns have many battles. In each battle there are 4 divisions, decided by experience level. Each division fights their own "miniature" battle, separate from each other.

Division Type             Experience Level   Required Experience Points
I National Guard           1 - 34                 0 - 45000
II Soldiers                   35 - 49               50000 - 120000
III Special Forces         50 - 69               125000 - 220000
IV Tanks                     70+                   225000+

Note - this is based entirely upon in game rank not strength level.

Example: A citizen of level 37 experience enters a battle. That citizen will be fighting in Division 2, because of his experience level.


Campaigns are fights over a region. Campaigns last from 12 hours to 30 hours depending on how many ''battles'' are needed to get enough points to win the campaign. The winner of a campaign is the side which first wins 83 points in total and will get to attack next in the war. Each division is worth a different amount of points, it is scored as follows:

Division Campaign Points
I - National Guard 1
II - Soldier 2
III - Special Forces 3
IV - Tanks 5

Achievement Medals are awarded for the whole campaign to 2 soldiers: one for the attacker's best soldier and one for defender's best soldier, regardless of division.


Every ''campaign'' has 8-15 battles which last from 1.5 hours to 2 hours depending on how dominant one combatant is.
Note: the battle is automatically closed after 2 hours, even if the sides don't reach 1800 points.

The winner of each divisional battle is the side that first reaches over 1800 points, or the one who has more points after 2 hours of battle. Every minute one side has over 50% control will award the side with X number of points where X is:

* 0-30 minutes into the battle, 10 points at every minute;
* 31-60 minutes into the battle, 20 points at every minute;
* 61-90 minutes into the battle, 30 points at every minute;
* 91-120 minutes into the battle, 60 points at every minute.

In order for a battle to end, every division needs a side to reach 1800 points. If one division finishes before the rest they must wait until all divisional battles are finished before the next one can begin. This way all divisions start at the same time each battle.

Battle Hero Medals are awarded in every battle to 8 soldiers: One to each citizen with the highest influence in their separate division, on '''both''' sides. If 2 citizens deal the same influence, citizen with the higher XP will receive the Battle Hero medal.

The amount of gold received through the Battle Hero medal varies by division.

Division                  Gold for Battle Hero
I - National Guard     2
II - Soldiers             3
III - Special Forces   4
IV - Tanks               5

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The countries that are involved in the battle are found on the top left and top right corner of the battlefield. Allies are visible by hovering over allies drop-down. The overall score delineated by Division can be found by clicking the "Campaign Details" button near the top. The battle heroes by division and mini-battle are visible by clicking the small graph icon on the bottom right. You will also see the influence you have made next to "My damage" header.

The influence bar is on the top of the battlefield. The bar will adjust back and forth (tug-of-war style) between center depending upon which side is carrying the advantage. The exact percentage can be seen by hovering over influence bar. Timer counts shows the time that's passed by in that mini-battle.

The fighting results of citizens will scroll underneath the influence bar. You see their
* avatar
* name
* influence

You and your enemy

The next section shows you and your enemy at the battlefield. You will see the following information:
* avatar and name
* energy
* strength

The weapons you and your enemy is using can be found under your status. You can change your weapon by clicking the double-headed arrow.

Fighting controls

The rank bar tells you your current rank and how far away are you from your next rank. By hovering over different parts of it you can see more detailed information. The influence you have made in the mini-battle can be found above rank bar.

The fighting controls can be found from the bottom of the battlefield. There are 5 different buttons:
* eat button or use energy bar or purchase health kit (energy bar button will be shown when you can't recover any more health by eating, health kit button will be shown after you consumed all the energy bars available in your storage)
* Fight button
* Use Rocket button (only if there's an available rocket in your storage)
* Use Special Weapons or Small bomb/bomb button (only if there's an available small bomb/bomb in your storage)
* Guerilla Fight Inventory and "Enemies Spotted" Guerilla Fights Join button

Battle stats

To see battle stats click the "Battle stats" button in the bottom-right corner. Battle stats will contain following information:

* Top 5 soldiers of each mini-battle and top 5 soldiers of whole battle with following information
** Avatar, name and nationality
** Number of enemies killed
** Influence
** Link to the profile.
* If you have reached the top 5, your row will be highlighted.

As default you will see the stats of the current mini-battle. If you want to see stats of other mini-battles or stats of whole battle, you can choose it from the drop-down menu.

''Note: Battle stats are only available for battles that are active and if you're in a country involved in the battle.''

Moving via battlefield

If you can't fight in the battle, you will see a notice telling you that you need to be located in one of the countries participating in the battle to join the fight. You will also be given a chance to move to one of these countries directly from the battlefield.

When you press the "Change location" you will see a similar interface to the Change residence page. The only difference is that the list of countries you can move menu will only contain attacker and defender countries. Choose a country from the list and region where you want to move. The press "Move" button to do the action

IMPORTANT NOTE: There may often be a less expensive way to move in order to get in on a battle. Unless it is a Resistance War, you can choose to move to any region in any country allied with the side you are trying to fight for. This is done from the Change region screen found on your profile page.

Thanks to Gnilraps for letting me use his material.

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Re: Military Mechanics in eRepublik

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