Index for Help and Tutorials

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Index for Help and Tutorials

Post by Clint Carmel on Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:47 pm

Table of Contents for the "Help and Tutorials" Forum

Questions and Answers
A thread that lets you ask anything you like, pretty much about anything.

Acronyms and Jargon
In which the unique vernacular of the game is discussed. For example P/H means "proud and horny," which is how most people in the Fed Party see themselves and each other.

IRC Guide
If you want to be an active player, this is the single most important thread on these boards, as a great deal of this game is discussed on #IRC channels.
If you already know how to connect, then #FedPartyChat is your destination of choice.

The "Feducation Guides:"
These three links will take you to PowerPoint presentations that discuss specific aspects of the game. The game is constantly being revised so feel free to ask any specific questions you have up in the Questions and Answers thread.

Politics -- a guide to the in-game mechanics of being a politician, such as what buttons to push when you are voting for someone.
Military -- a guide to in-game combat. Make sure to also read the guide to "Guerrilla Fighting."
-- a guide explaining in-game currency and gold. It also has a nice section going over the real estate and items that you own.

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